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Dear patients!


We took comprehensive safety measures like measuring temperature with infrared when entering the practice, permanent surface disinfection and saftey equipment for our entire team


We kindly ask you to wear a mask, to wash your hands right after entering the practice, to keep minimum distance of 1 meter to other patients and to follow the generally recommended hygiene standards (coughing, sneezing).

Please take someone with you only in case absolutely necessary und please attend the orders of our team. 


Careful safety measures are important. Nevertheless the risk of not detected or not treated internal respectively cardiovascular diseases is still considered higher than the risk of Corona virus.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Dr Robl     Dr Sporn      Dr Ebrahim


In case you feel infected by Covid-19 please contact 1450! 



Please be informed that appointments can only be done on telephone during opening hours


Due to the new general data protection regulation (GDPR) all emails including health data need to be deleted unread for your own safety since no adequate encryption can be granted. For the same reason we also cannot send emails including personal health data. We kindly ask you for acknowledgement and your understanding.